Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Marines. Last thing -- this really ticked me off:
Several of my fellow Marine wives, however, have experienced verbal and physical abuse in the past few weeks from so-called "peace protesters." One woman was told from another car at a stoplight that her husband was a baby killer, and that they hoped he would die. Another, and her young son, were yelled at and manhandled by a group of protesters as they were passing through the area. Why did this happen? Because the wives either had a Marine Corps sticker on the car or a Marine Corps shirt on.
My mother, a Marine wife, btw, gave me a baseball cap with the Marine Corps emblem, the eagle, globe and anchor, embroidered on it for Christmas. I gave it to my son -- not because I am ashamed of the Marines -- on the contrary, I have so much respect for the Marines, I didn't want to appropriate any of the honor that is due a Marine -- I didn't want anyone to think that I was a Marine or had ever served as one. But if it's coming to this, I'm going to go get that cap and wear it to show support for the Marines and their families.

These creeps never have the guts to tell it to the Marines.

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