Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Hotchpot. (Revised and amended)
Interesting note here about AOL banning Kathy Shaidle's blog entry on Kwanza.
Michael Ingham
The New Republic has an interesting look at the irreligious Howard Dean.

Pray for Bishop Michael Ingham, a man who's shoes may be too tight or perhaps, one who's head wasn't screwed on just right (but the most likely reason of all is that his heart is two sizes too small), who decided to shut down a church on the eve of Christmas. Pray too for this valiant congregation, Holy Cross Church in Abbotsford and it's Rector James Wagner.

two sizes too small
Last thing -- I'm not sure if I ever defined "hotchpot" -- but I'll tell you when I was interning in law school, one of the attorneys used to tell us to throw a case in the "hotchpot" and then we'd divy them up later. Not quite the intended use, but we liked it. I wonder if word "hodgepodge" is somehow related. Yes, I guess it is.

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