Sunday, January 04, 2004

About The Picture. One more thing: about the picture that the NYT used to accompany the article -- did anyone find it curious?
the NYT picture of Truro Church
What I noticed was (1) how empty it was, and (2) how stark it was.

The picture shows Truro Church from the outside after a Sunday morning service, but almost no one has left the Church yet. We see Martyn at the main door and Rev. Marshall Brown is briskly walking to the side door, the one with the handicap ramp. There are two young boys streaking by -- and that's it.

Black and white -- very stark.

What happened that morning was sort of diffferent. Martyn told us the NYT had asked people to congregate in the yard in front of the Church -- this normally happens as the building is old and there's no place inside to informally greet one another. However, because it's a large congregation, folks leave through three main doors. We normally use the ramp because my wife has very bad knees and can't walk up and down stairs. This day, there were people there from the NYT asking us to not use the side doors and to all go out the main door. As a result, there was no one outside when they started taking the pictures. Yet it was a beautiful day -- clear cool skies -- and folks were dressed for Christmas.

I guess warm pictures of an economically and ethnically diverse congregation would just blow the minds of the average NYT reader? Or am I too touchy?

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