Thursday, September 30, 2004

The Dylan Chronicles. In honor of Bob's soon to be released autobiography (and the Newsweek cover story), here are my top ten Bob Dylan Bootlegs, a few of which have been released.

10. All Hallows Eve &
which has been released by Dylan as Live 1964.

9. Contract With The Lord
and II. This one
might be more highly rated if it had been a soundboard boot, instead of an
audience recording. Nevertheless, for an audience recording, the sound is good
and the performance of his gospel tunes is excellent.

8. Eating Caviar In A
King-Sized Bed
-- this 1998 recording shows Bob ain't dead yet.

7. Genuine
N.E.T. Covers
- a nine or ten disc set of all of Dylan's covers of other
(non-Dylan) songs from the Never Ending Tour.

6. A Tree
With Roots
- also known as the Genuine Basement Tapes revisited. This is it,
the whole shebang.

5. From Newport to the
Ancient Empty Streets in LA
Several tracks from the Newport Festival in 64
and 65 flowing into the 1965 Hollywood Bowl show -- excellent. (see also, We Had Known A Lion.)

4. Folksinger's Choice
The Cynthia Gooding Show, March 11 1962 -- this sweet radio
interview/performance showcases Bob before he became Bob.

3. Blood on the Tapes (aka Blood on the Tracks New York
) - this is the original version of Blood on the Tracks that was
pulled just before release.

2. Complete Waterbury 11-11-75 -- the full version of a Rolling Thunder Revue
concert, from T-Bone Burnett covering Werewolves of London to the closing
ensemble singing This Land Is Your Land with Baez, McGuinn, et al in

1. "Royal Albert Hall
" which, famously, came from Free Trade Hall in Manchester. This May 17,
1966 concert sizzles, opening with a traditional Dylan accoustic set before
unleashing an electric performance with the Band. When listening to this, turn
it up to hear the exhange between Dylan and the audience. "Judas!" cries out
someone in the audience, to which Dylan replies: "I don't believe you; you're a
liar." He then tells The Band to "Play it f***ing loud." The good news about
this boot is that it has been released by Dylan and Co. See Live 1966

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