Thursday, November 01, 2007

Retro-Halloween. We had an old-fashioned Halloween last night -- dating back to even before my time in the '60's with the plastic costumes. Almost all the kids I saw last night were dressed in home-made costumes. And, by-and-large, having talked to the parents as we waited at the foot of the driveway, the kids came up with the ideas and made the costumes themselves.
It was so cool.

I couldn't help but wonder if this is a rebellion to the slutty costume stories we see lately (h/t Kendall). Or maybe I live in a throw-back neighborhood. I mean there was even one house that gave out fresh apples! Of course, we all know these neighbors and there's no worries about poison or razorblades.

But then, maybe not. I mean quite a few of our neighbors are immigrants from India, Pakistan, Latin American and Africa.

It's the New Retroism!


James Lileks has a glimpse of the real 1950's Halloween and also riffs on the slutty costumes.

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