Tuesday, May 09, 2006

More on the shooting... I picked my daughter up tonight after her small group and my two ball games (actually a practice for my son's team -- I'm the manager -- and my middle daughter's softball game, where I just help out). We stopped at Wal-Mart on the way home and, while picking up some practice balls for the team, I saw the sign over the rifles which indicated that "YOU MUST BE 21 TO PURCHASE AMMUNITION IN VIRGINIA." Although it is apparently okay to purchase a handgun at 18.

Now this is one of those areas where I separate from my conservative brethern. I want to know how this 18 year old mental patient, who had escaped from a mental institution, then engaged in an armed carjacking, then was arrested and bailed out of jail all within the past month... I want to know where he got five pistols, two rifles and a bucketload of ammunition from?

Does this make any sense at all?

I mean, even if you are a gun nut?

My daughter said she heard that some kids at Westfields had heard him talking about doing this... and that the shooter apparently had a myspace page.

this makes no sense...

Still More. My oldest daughter was right -- here's his myspace page.

Browse through the comments and the most expressed comment seems to be "rest in peace." This guy was a neo-nazi who took seven firearms and got off 70 shots -- killing a mother with two kids and critically wounding another and all you can say is rest in peace? One guy writes,

Well, you did what you always claimed wanting to do. I've never prayed for anyone before, but i'll do it for your sake tonight, praying that there is no hell.

This seems to me the John Lennon Imagine generation at its best....

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