Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Columbus (Introduction). My duties as a little league manager are winding down -- work is still busy (in fact, I almost got sent to Columbus this week at the last minute), but I should be able to resume blogging soon.

In the meantime, like most of the 'piskies here in America, I have been monitoring developments at GenCon06 in Columbus.

Here are my favorite sites:
  • TitusOneNine - Kendall Harmon, the heavyweight of Anglicans in American.
  • BabyBlue - writer (and fellow Truro-ite) Mary A's reports and thought from ground zero.
  • John Burwell's reports - NOT a Blog!. John gives you his perspective and it's got the folksy manner of a Paul Harvey report. Plus, pictures (it was good to see a picture of Mary Hays, who conducted the baptism classes for our first child, now 17).
  • GenCon06 - run by the elves of CANN. Everything is there -- Everything.
These are my big 4, but there are others who are on the ground and should not be missed, if you want to get the whole picture:
  • Matt Kennedy at StandFirm.
  • The San Joaquin perspective.
  • Ruth Gledhill from London (can I be frank? -- with a name like this and the whole British thing, I was expecting her to look like a dowdy 60 year old retired school mum, not someone who could give Nicole Kidman a run for her money);
  • Rick Lord from Vienna, VA.
  • and Lydia Evans also from SC.
And the non-evangelical (or post-Christian) websites:
  • The Center Aisle -- the official DioVa propaganda arm, reporting from the "center aisle" of the cathedral on the far left side of the spectrum.
  • Inch at a Time -- (also known as the $200 dollar answer under the category, "Church Demolition" the question being "What's the best way to chip at the foundation?")
  • and, of course, Louie Crew.

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