Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Columbus Reflections (Day One, Flag Day). The best observation from the first day is that ECUSA has decided to rebrand itself. It is no longer just the US part of the Anglican Communion, but is now The Episcopal Church, a 16 nation confederation standing on its own and coming to a neighborhood near you.

In someways, this is a natural progression -- ECUSA has always acted more like an Empire rather than a collection of Christian congregations.

Oh, and then there was the little problem with the flags. It seems that The Episcopal Church™ in its press conference designed to impress upon the world how truly global it is, used the Duvalier flag of Haiti, instead of the one which has been in effect for, oh, the last 20 years! See this picture taken from Rev. Burwell's report (I drew in the yellow arrow pointing to the Duvalier flag):

Here is the current flag of Haiti:


Opps! No one said it was easy to be an empire...

But the really important stuff was the paper by Bishop N.T. Wright which may be found here and will be the subject of another post.

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