Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Jerry Falwell. They laid the body of Jerry Falwell to rest yesterday. Here's where I give the obligatory "I was never a fan" disclaimer -- and I wasn't. He was a Southern Baptist televangelist and I was raised in the Roman Catholic Church. Nevertheless, I could never understand why he was so frequently labeled a "hater" nor why those who despised him so greatly actually turned into such rabid haters themselves.

He had a son, also named Jerry Falwell, who was in law school during the mid-80s at UVa -- I had friend who had several classes with this young man who was, like me, a left leaning moderate. He told me that it was obscene how much abuse this guy got. Classmates who were also committed leftists were appalled by the treatment of the guy.

"Sins of the father..."

I was in San Francisco last week when the news came out about Rev. Falwell's passing. Again, the abuse was apalling -- a mock gravesite was erected complete with astroturf for dancing on and a sign reading "Rest In Torment."

This is bigotry, pure and simple.

And, yes, people were coming by to dance on the "grave."

It's not just the Fred Phelps gang that does these things. Or the Moral Majority. Or the Islamists.

Sadly enough, it's also the people of San Francisco...