Friday, June 13, 2008

Would they appreciate the irony?

Judge James Burge of Lorain County ruled that the administration of the Ohio death penalty was unconstitutional because two of the drugs in the three drug cocktail might cause the condemned to feel pain. Judge Burge is pictured in his office on the right.

So what would Eutimio Guerra and the other 215 persons who were personally killed by Che Guevara (Source in pdf). Note that these 216 persons are all documented and were all killed in Cuba by Che during a three year period. This does not include his post-Cuba victims.

The picture on the left is taken from an execution by Fidel Castro's gang, which included Che Guevara while they were in the Sierra Maestra.

More photos and discussion can be found here.

See also, this page (in Spanish and English).

More. Just to make clear - this has nothing to do with the death penalty -- which I strongly oppose -- or Barack Obama. It has everything to do with idiot judges and idiot followers of mass murderers.