Thursday, November 01, 2007

Retro-Halloween. We had an old-fashioned Halloween last night -- dating back to even before my time in the '60's with the plastic costumes. Almost all the kids I saw last night were dressed in home-made costumes. And, by-and-large, having talked to the parents as we waited at the foot of the driveway, the kids came up with the ideas and made the costumes themselves.
It was so cool.

I couldn't help but wonder if this is a rebellion to the slutty costume stories we see lately (h/t Kendall). Or maybe I live in a throw-back neighborhood. I mean there was even one house that gave out fresh apples! Of course, we all know these neighbors and there's no worries about poison or razorblades.

But then, maybe not. I mean quite a few of our neighbors are immigrants from India, Pakistan, Latin American and Africa.

It's the New Retroism!


James Lileks has a glimpse of the real 1950's Halloween and also riffs on the slutty costumes.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hall of Fame, Cut 1

The Pro Football Hall of Fame released the first cut of nominees for the Class of 2008. As in the past, I've indicated an obvious oversight, I'm going to dwell on that. Below are the nominees at Wide Receiver -- I have grouped them into three classes - Must Go In This Year; Should Go In Sometime; and Others. As you can imagine, it starts off small and broadens:

Must Go In This Year
Art Monk (number 6 on all time receptions list [held record when retired]; number 11 on all time yardage list

Should Go In Sometime
Cliff Branch
Harold Carmichael
Both Branch and Carmichael changed the game and are responsible, in part for the other guys having such awesome numbers
Cris Carter (number 2 on receptions list; number 5 on yardage list; no. 2 on receiving TDs)
Andre Reed (number 5 on receptions list; number 8 on yardage list; no. 10 on receiving TDs)
Henry Ellard (probably)

Dwight Clark
Gary Clark (my own sentimental favorite)
Isaac Curtis
Roy Green
Herman Moore
Drew Pearson

Once again, this is a year where no QBs should be chosen. If one is, it should come from one of these three: Ken Anderson, Ken Stabler, Doug Williams. Here are the others: Randall Cunningham, Boomer Esiason, Jim Plunkett (being a Raider fan, I love the guy, but he never had a HOF career), Phil Simms, Joe Theismann, and Danny White (another fine QB who should never make the Hall).

First time nominee Darrell Green, CB, should make it on this go around, but there may reluctance to include two Redskins (i.e. Monk, who deserved admission years ago) -- not to mention all the Hogs who are rightfully being considered.

More to come, I'm sure...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Does Same-Sex "Marriage" Threatens Religious Liberty?

Here is an interesting Law Review article which argues that it does. (In .pdf format)

Among the potential liabilities noted for Religious Institutions:
  • Risk of Suits Under Employment Anti-Discrimination Laws;
  • Risk of Suits Under Fair Housing Laws;
  • Risk of Suits under Public Accommodation Laws;
  • Potential Hate Crimes or Hate Speech Liability;
  • Lost of Tax-Exempt Status;
  • Exclusion from Social Service Contracts;
  • Exclusion from Government Facilities and Fora;
  • Exclusion from Licensing Marriage.
Worth reading.