Saturday, February 02, 2008

Finally! Art Monk makes it to the Hall of Fame. The other inductees: Darrell Green, Gary Zimmerman, Emmitt Thomas, Fred Dean, and Andre Tippett.

Into the Hall. NFL Hall of Fame voter Len Pasquarelli has a column up which gives a little background on today's voting for the Hall of Fame.

Here, in order, is who I'd be voting for if I had a vote:
  1. Art Monk
  2. Darrell Green
  3. Cris Carter
  4. Randall McDaniel
  5. Derrick Thomas
  6. Richard Dent
  7. Ray Guy
  8. Emmitt Thomas
  9. Russ Grimm
In my opinion, every one of these belongs, it's just a question of when.
The Debate Continues. Here is a great website to view the latest on the global warming debates: Climate Debate Daily. It's done by the same folks who put on Arts and Letters Daily.